Feeling the running bug. 

Now that we’re all moved in into a brand new town its the perfect way to get to know the area.

But this bout of depression is kicking my ass and most days its hard to get in the shower let alone hit the pavement…

I know exercise is supposed to help mental illness and I know it does for me (its worked in the past) but holy shit its a lot easier said than done.

fucking bloated as hell on my period


being body positive is really hard when youre gassy from terrible back cramps and sitting in a swamp

finally got up and lifted before work today

leg day

my form was all off because its been so long BUT IM GETTING THERE gotta start somewhere

bad day

terrible terrible no good day

meant to go work out, but had a minor mental health crisis and working out got put on the back burner

i’ve decided to start seeing a counselor again - luckily i can get student health servicse for free since our insurance is about to run out

im setting my alarm for 5:30 am and maybe ill have the energy to go lift (i havent done anything since monday) but i’ll try not to beat myself up about it if i can’t get out of bed


this is my life

ive seen so many quest bars on my dash

i want to try one.

Back in the gym after a week off

I started my internship last week, so I took the week off to focus and be nice to my body while it adjusts to a new schedule

But today was Monday so its Back/Biceps day! Which meant deadlifts, rows and pull ups 


im obsessed with lucy lui’s hair 

its so swishy

trying to take your sports bra off after chest/tricep day

welp today fucking sucked ass

hope my family can pull through

in good news one more of my textbooks came in and im sore as hell from yesterdays lifting


had left over pasta for lunch

now im just chilling debating yoga later tonight

Coffee, Tea & Wine