Couldn’t fall asleep right last night cuz I was too anxious D had to help cam me down.

Woke up at 7:30 am wide fuckig awake.

Headache from tension, fuckig exhausted from moving and have my head racing all weekend and now I can’t sleep. Tried lvender oil that usually puts me right to sleep: nothing. Tried yoga: nothing.

Fuxking Christ I hate fucking mania.

And of course the best way to manage mania is to force myself to keep a regular schedule but I cnt do that if I can’t sleep.


Ate a burger at dinner and felt pretty sick


did a yoga session in the wonderful sun and cool weather

and i managed to stay meatless while my parents cooked ham steak for lunch (i only ate the veggies, cous cous and pineapple :P )

and now i’m crafting while watching boy meets world

yarn wrapped glass bottles for the wedding! WWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE

Also my hair was looking great. Its a good day.

yesterday i went totally meat free - but felt bad turning down the lunch my mom cooked today (lean ground turkey tacos) after being out of the house for two days. i felt so guilty after wards… then i knew i shouldn’t feel bad about my food choices (cuz its a slippery slope to disordered eating) even though i felt icky about the meat. but forgiveness is the fruit i want to live on so i moved on and had a black bean burger for dinner. 2/3 meatless meals today aint that bad. 

feeling good.

especially after a chunk of belgian dark chocolate melting in my mouth.

First time wearing makeup in a month. Feeling cute. Hairs great. Good day. #selfie

Feeling hott

D was in an accident on his bike.




He’s ok I talked to him on the phone briefly but he’s still sorting it out i think? said he couldnt talk and hung up… he’s ok. he’s ok.

Had pasta for lunch and dinner today. Meat count, zero. Lifted this morning and feeling buff.

Good day.

i have to pack to go back to IL. i dont wanna. but i want portillos

Coffee, Tea & Wine